Our motto

By the system-level combination of various packaging materials, we offer a cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative solution for the maximum protection of your product in the local or global supply/transport chain.


Our purpose

Our specific purpose is the management of the packaging materials: keeping their use low in mass, using environment-friendly, well recyclable materials, boost reuse, using packaging solutions that consider the whole supply chain, and at the same time significantly decreasing the overall cost level.

Our Focus


Reuse of packaging materials


Decreasing the quantity of packaging materials


Recycling of packaging materials


Recovery (e.g. by means of composting or energy exploitation)

Packaging design, packaging development from the concept creation to the production, with a consideration toward the overall cost and having “green” attitude

Supporting tools for our customers

Just-in-time production and logistics

Just-in-sequence logistics

Vendor-managed inventory